1930’s Air Show Campaign

airshow poster

Airshow Program Cover
airshow booklet cover

Print Ads for Newspaper – Black & White and Full CMYK
airshow ads

Two Color Pantone Ticket (simulated paper color)
airshow tickets

These items were created as an entire campaign for an airshow based in the 1930’s. Included in this campaign was a poster, print ads, a program booklet, and a two-sided ticket using only two Pantone colors.

The concept originated with the poster. To imitate 1930’s design I centered the title (on the wings), chose a color palette based on deep hues in the primary triad, and used flat color to create depth and describe shapes with no contour lines. The cool and warm colors were used alternately on the plane to give a greater feeling of depth, and the plane itself is set at a dynamic angle and cropped on the left edge to make the airplane feel large and in motion.

Programs Used:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign